Recent Submissions

  • Huebner, S.S. (Washington Government Printing Office, 1920-02-26)
  • Huebner, Solomon S. (D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc., 1927)
  • Huebner, Solomon S. Huebner (D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc., 1929)
  • Huebner, S.S. (D. Appleton-Century Company, Inc., 1938)
  • Stone, Mildred F. (Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1960-02)
    The whole insurance industry honors Dr. Solomon S. Huebner of the University of Pennsylvania for his great contribution to insurance education in the United States. He is renowned as the founder of the American College ...
  • Baird, John (The American College, 1997)
    When President Samuel H. Weese began planning for The American College's 70th anniversary, he decided that it would be particularly appropriate to publish a history of the College's 70 years. He contracted with John Baird, ...
  • Stone, Mildred F. (Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1963-09)
    Miss Stone details in this very rewarding volume the inspirational story of the American College of Life Underwriters. Her documentary presentation ranges from just fifty years ago when the sign "no peddlers, solicitors, ...